Police raid Masodige, arrest 18 in drug bust

Sixteen men and two women were arrested yesterday in a drug bust with over MVR100,00 (US$6,485) in cash and 31 rubber packets containing illicit narcotics.

Police raided Galolhu Masodige with a search warrant around 9:00am based on intelligence information suggesting that drugs were being sold from the house. The special operation was conducted jointly by the drug enforcement department (DED) and police intelligence.

According to the DED officer in charge of the operation, equipment used to pack drugs was also confiscated from Masodige.

Of the 18 suspects taken into custody, police said a 22-year-old man and 50-year-old woman were actively involved in drug trafficking.

The male suspect had a criminal record for drug trafficking and gang violence, police revealed.

The other 16 suspects – aged between 22 and 58 – were believed to have been in the house to purchase drugs at the time of the raid.

A 26-year-old woman among the suspects had been convicted on multiple charges of theft in 2010 and 2011, police said.

Police claimed the 16 suspects were under the influence of drugs at the time of their arrest and that all 16 had criminal records for drug-related offences.

The Criminal Court meanwhile granted a seven-day extension of detention for all 18 suspects when they were brought before a judge at 7:00pm last night. The case is currently under investigation by the DED.

On January 20, police arrested eight Maldivians with illegal narcotics and more than MVR140,000 (US$9,000) and US$11,000 in cash from a residence in Malé.

In an interview with Minivan News in January, Home Minister Umar Naseer said that the main target of his ministry for the next five years would be curbing drug-related crimes.

Naseer said that he intended to give a high priority to enhancing the customs services in order to stop illegal drugs and other contraband from being smuggled in to the country. He also said that the police intelligence department was being expanded.

“Leaving aside abusers and peddlers, the focus of this front will be on major wholesale drug dealers. We will investigate how drugs are brought into the country, find the contacts abroad, find ways to locate and take action against those involved even if they are abroad,” he said.


5 thoughts on “Police raid Masodige, arrest 18 in drug bust”

  1. Perhaps the media should mention the fact that the name of the residence is synonymous with a street gang that is all but registered in Male' City.

    It might also be pertinent that the premises of Masodige were used as a campaign hall by President Abdulla Yameen's camp during the recent presidential elections.

    It might also be relevant that a person living there was given clemency by the Waheed administration regardless of the fact that he had been convicted for murder.

    Perhaps it might bear mentioning that a person from that address had represented the opposition MDP on the outgoing Male City Council.

    Also, it might be interesting to know that a senior person from the family living at Masodige continues to be seen in the frontlines of President Waheed's Qaumee Iththihaad Party (QIP).

    Also, it might be heartening to know that politicians from the opposition MDP had stormed Male' City Prison in protest after police arrested several persons associated with Masodige and the street gang of the same name.

  2. Regarding drug problems in a very small population (100 000 only) in Male Capital of Maldives Island.
    It is plane to see what the problem is. People is bored stiff from walking around in circle round this tiny capital surrounded by water. Very few activity programs for the young. If the government can activate the young as well as middle ages in sport, theater and other activities the byers for drug will slowly diminish. Taking drug is a way to escape from a boring and awful life, to a dream world.

  3. @tsk tsk: Way to state the obvious, captain obvious. But some of your points don't really matter.

    @Willy Rasta: But having fun is ILLEGAL in our so-called state religion as it will make you LAADHEENEE (Your money's not going into their wallets?! BLASPHEMY!!!! BEHEADING! HANG! DEATH!).

    Just ask those bearded lizards who think they're Allah's representatives and attorneys.

  4. Mr. Will Rasta

    So people in California take drugs out of boredom?

    Sounds like California is not much better than Maldives.

    What nonsense man.. You take drugs because you are an idiot, probably under the influence of some one powerful.

  5. umar naseer can shoot his guts out,but everyone knows money can buy anyone (money dangled before those customs officials and drugs are let in,how many drugbusts at inia/male port, maybe the monthly quota of 1/2,the custom officials also have to live life especially in inflationary times


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