Police reveal details of record drugs seizure

Police have released detailed information of the special operation conducted to seize 24kgs of heroin smuggled into the Maldives using an Iranian vessel last month.

A police officer implicated in the crime as well as the 11 Pakistani nationals on the Iranian vessel were among the 18 persons arrested in connection with the case.

In the statement the police said that officers involved in the operation experienced things that they had never experienced before, and it was noted that the police officers aboard the speedboat were not carrying any weapons.

Police said that officers involved in the operation first followed two Maldivians who went to Villimalé on March 4 where the Maldivian boat the ‘Violet’ was prepared to set sail to meet an Iranian vessel which had journeyed from Chahabar, Iran.

When the two Maldivians reached the boat docked in Villimalé harbour, the boat captain and three expats working on board had already made all preparations to set sail towards North Ari atoll at around 3:30pm.

Police officers were assigned to follow the ‘Violet’ on a gulf craft speedboat as it left Malé with intercepted communications revealing that the Maldivian boat planned to meet with the Iranian craft at 11pm that evening.

The boat reached North Ari atoll at 6:15pm, stopping in the ocean between Rasdhoo and Mathiveri, before making its first trip to meet the Iranian vessel at 3:30am in the morning.

According to police, the meeting point of the Iranian vessel and the ‘Violet’ was 30 nautical miles north of North Ari atoll. The Maldivian boat travelled outside the EEZ of the Maldives in heavy rain and rough seas with the police speedboat following throughout.

When the ‘Violet’ reached the meeting point, its crew was informed that the Iranian ship was still 450 miles away from the meeting point, and that they will take 56 hours to get there. The ‘Violet’ subsequently returned to North Ari atoll.

Police said the two men police originally followed subsequently returned to Malé, contacting their agent in Iran at 11:30pm to get details regarding the next attempted rendezvous.

The following day, as the ‘Violet’ refueled in preparation for its second trip to meet the Iranian vessel, the two Maldivians suspects attempted to transfer money to agents in Iran.

Police have revealed that the money was transferred by a member of the Maldives Police Service who has subsequently been arrested in connection with the case.

The next day ‘Violet’ travelled on the same route as before, again stopping between Ukulhas and Mathiveri, before being contacted at 12:45am by the Iranian ship which explained that it was 200 miles from the meeting point.

After receiving this news, the Maldivian boat travelled towards Baa Atoll – outside Maldivian territorial waters – and waited there until the Iranian vessel informed the crew that the drugs were hidden inside a small dingy in the Iranian vessel.

The following day (March 9) the Maldivian vessel reached the meeting point, but again had to wait for the Iranian vessel to get there the next morning.

When the two boats met the the Maldivian boat took a small dingy released by the Iranian vessel and began its trip back to Malé late in the afternoon of March 10, the police statement said.

Upon their arrival in Hulhumale’ that evening, all aboard ‘Violet’ were arrested and the drugs seized.

After collecting enough information to begin the operation, police assigned 16 officers to follow ‘Violet’: five intelligence officers were based in Mathiveri Island, a surveillance team consisting on seven officers was created.

Eight intelligence officers were assigned as a ground analysis team, and a further five were assigned as ground technical team. Three intelligence officers were assigned as covert team and two others were used to trace communications, the police statement revealed.


4 thoughts on “Police reveal details of record drugs seizure”

  1. whatever happened to that 1+ tonee of cannabis stashed under some reef a few years back?

    and what about the free distribution of heroin bullets on 7 february 2012?

    and what about Maldives Police Drug Cartel? the likes of valho shifau and F.A fayaz. and what ever happened to safa and adam naseer?

    fight against drugs in the maldives is a farce. no body is fighting it. except a few recovering addicts who fight it at a personal level. i think mr.economist includes drug trade when calculating economic activity. possibly taxing it in his own cute little way.

  2. Not a surprise, but a proof of what has been happening for decades.

    Why blame the 'sugar boys' or 'parteys' as we term them? they wont have the finance nor the mind to plan such movement of drugs.

    Someone in high position with backing of well financed guys are behind the drug trade in Maldives which apparently has created over 30,000 users cum addicts.

    @lolcamel...you, as well as everyone with a mind knows what happens to the drugs authorities keep parading on TV. No government would be crazy to destroy such valuable and well sought product.

    Better legalize soft drugs and Maldives will have nothing to worry about!

  3. Nothing new here. Probably a well orchestrated show case by the Police to be seen to be doing something. It's all smoke and mirrors.

    Let's see if anyone significant gets even a criminal sentence as a result. Highly unlikely.

  4. The Mordis Paatey Sodu gang (MPS) is a big gang. They're trying to kill off the small time dealers so they can control the prices on the street.


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