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Minivan News has launched ‘Maldives Decides 2013’, a hub of content concerning the four candidates competing in the 2013 presidential election.

Each candidate’s entry includes an overview of their recent political history with extensive links to relevant articles published by Minivan News, an overview of their policy positions, and a brief analysis of their support base.

The hub also includes an unofficial poll, links to Minivan News’ ongoing election coverage, and resources provided by the Maldives Elections Commission.

Additionally, all candidates have been sent and invited to respond to the following 10 questions, which will be published unedited as received:

  1. What about your personal experience makes you suitable to become President?
  2. What are the top three challenges facing the Maldives, and how do you intend to address these?
  3. Given the present state of the economy, how are you going to get the money to fulfill your pledges?
  4. Is there a need for judicial reform, and how do you intend to address the state of the judiciary should you be elected?
  5. How do you expect the events of 7 February 2012 to affect voter sentiment at the ballot box?
  6. Is Islamic fundamentalism a growing concern in the Maldives, and how should the government respond?
  7. What role should the international community play in the Maldives?
  8. Why should a woman vote for your party in the election?
  9. Why should a young person vote for your party in the election?
  10. What will the Maldives be like in 10 years time, should you be elected in September?

Minivan News hopes ‘Maldives Decides 2013’ is of value to its readers, and looks forward to a free, fair and inclusive election on September 7.

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20 thoughts on “Maldives Decides 2013”

  1. One hypocrite, one traitor, one mafia boss and one Mandela freedom fighter for the people. I hope the country gets the President they deserve!!

  2. 4 candidates major leadership plus and minus

    Qasim: Result oriented BUT believes in no rules
    Waheed: Nice personality BUT boring
    Yameen: Competent but 30 year baggage
    Nasheed: Dynamic, visionary but volatile man

  3. 1. Because I'm a Beyfulhu and you lowly peasants exist to serve me. I exist to guide you.
    2. Rational thought. Pursuit of Happiness. Desire for social mobility. I intend to further indoctrinate people into religion and use ambiguous interpretations of religious text to keep the threats at an acceptable level.
    3. I shall extend a passive aggressive approach toward Western donors with a veiled threat of a failed Jihadist state, combined with an appeal to our Islamic brothers who will oblige, to "save Islam".
    4. Set up seems fine now. Independent towards me.
    5. It can't help but I wasn't there hugging and man kissing at the police HQ, therefore I hope to avoid most of the flak.
    6. The beardies are a good problem to have, for now. Will deal with them once their usefulness is over.
    7. They should give us the cash and STFU.
    8. Because our Islamic religion says so, besides my bro says so.
    9. The heroin supplies will be restored so that the youth can numb themselves of the pain of their broken dreams.
    10. It will be a place where the peasants knew their place, respected the lords. The citizens will have enough bread to eat, on the kitchen floor with no misguided ambitions to sit at the table and eat cake. They will be happy and shall gratefully recall that back in 2010 bread was scarce and that the benevolent masters provided for them as promised.

  4. Qasim : ignorant and arrogant.
    Waheed : Nice and educated.
    Yameen : shrewd and capable.
    Nasheed : Dynamic and naive.

  5. Qasim - Thinks of Dhivehi Raajje' as Maldives Private LTD, a company he can take care of rather than nation of individuals. Uses the religion card to play with the hearts of people.

    Waheed - Still thinks about politics as if it is the Maumoon era and assume everyone has short term memory loss. Uses the religion card to play with the hearts of people.

    Yameen - The only reason he is even a candidate is because of his ties with the dictator. Anyone who denies Maumoons crimes or supports PPM is a direct threat to the continuity of this nation as a democratic state. Uses the religion card to play with the hearts of people.

    Nasheed - Actually cares about the people a little bit. Still thought it was necessary to suck Adhaalaths d*ck in order to get elected and seemed surprised when they stabbed him in the back. Appears to be creating a personality cult around himself much like Maumoon. Uses the religion card to play with the hearts of people while claiming to be some sort of liberal. This is a lie. Anni does not care about the rights of oppressed minorities.

    The amazing choice given to Maldivians is pretty much who is the least nuttiest guest at mad hatters tea party.

    The dictators web needs to be untangled before we can have a true democracy. Besides a democracy is only as strong as the civil societies which exist to keep it in check; and currently most Maldivian NGOs activities are either severely restricted or those NGOs are run by people who only care about their surface image. Most NGOs don't even seem to know that they're allowed to have an opinion and meekly sit in the background.

    On top of this most of our journalists would rather give erotic massage to the people they're interviewing rather than actually grill them about their policies.

    Whens the last time you heard someone actually ASK Yameen about his gang ties in an interview?

    Whens the last time you heard a reporter ASSERT HIS OPINION that it was a coup and then confronted a key figure about the details?

    It's not illegal to ask questions you know, even though it might get you killed.

  6. My verdict:

    Gasim: Not presidential material. Better off as a influential, corrupt yet charitable businessman. So this is a No Vote.

    Waheed: Do not have the guts to take on Maldivian politics at this time in the country. May have been a good candidate if things werent this turbulent. Again a No vote.

    Yameen: A ruthless technocrat. May bring much needed stability but at the cost of highly sophisticated corruption that will benefit the same old ppl from the 30 year regime. I may gamble my vote w Yameen in return for stability but it'll feel taking a slow dying poison pill.

    Anni: A great activist, hands down ran the best and most innovative presidential campaign that brings new ideas to the people. But what good are ideas when Anni cannot manage the system he fought so hard to create. I want to give him a second chance and gamble another 5 years, just so that he will introduce even more liberties, freedoms, reforms, projects that we have never seen before without having to worry about old guards. I dont mind trading my vote for that even if the opposition brings him down again after another 3 years.

  7. Qasim lacks expertise
    Waheed lacks guts
    Yameen lacks humility
    Nasheed lacks experience

  8. Qasim : Kind hearted, Greedy, orphan n laura was his fav lady.
    Waheed: gave national Honor for his mothers murderer, does not follow islamic Faith, and too much excess baggage down under.
    Yameen: Afrasheems Death on his hand, Deals Drugs, Corrupt to the Core
    Nasheed: Too poetic , not harsh enough, continuously being accused of smoking weed and drinking.
    Adhalaath: #FcukAdhaalath

  9. Dear Minivan, u need to fix the bug on this vote thingy fast, my friend just voted 50 times to Nasheed on his same computer using some sorta software, fix it or i will also use it!

  10. Think about it:

  11. Dear Minivan,

    Could you publish the no. of eligible voters by atoll/island?

    An interactive map would be too much to ask for 🙂


  12. fact remains that for election 2013, all presidential candidates are campaigning on the back of ideas the short lived Nasheed presidency introduced to Maldives - nationwide transportation, housing for all, aasandha, business profit tax, good governance and greater civil liberties than ever before that ultimately lead to his own demise.

    These are totally out of the box concepts about what a government can do for its people. One must wonder why such policies never occured before. not even to one of "other" candidates in past campaigning or during the glorious 30 years. and even today it is evident the other presidential candidates lack originality when they decide to resort to spread fear n exploit islam as campaigning tool.

    Honestly i dont care about corruption in an Anni govt, its not like the rest of these candidates are any less corrupt.

    i dont care even if anni drinks sula shiraz, vodka and absinth mixed with ganja. im sure all of these candidates drink alcohol, have had a puff along with hundreds of other maldivians who drink and smoke.

    the important thing is the most ihulaastheri leader is blindly obvious even with all his faults. and thats nasheed. he has introduced more refined ideas with guest house, mariculture and agrifarming. and still those candidates are criticizing him. while at same time, taking a free ride on anni's lead in this election.

    It is anni's election to loose. let the voters decide his fate.

  13. Minivannews,

    It looks like that one person can vote multiple times on EasyPoll website. Please fix this issue so that we can get a more reliable result.

  14. @#f***adhaalath "Besides a democracy is only as strong as the civil societies which exist to keep it in check;"

    Loved that comment, very insightful!

  15. from the comments here, this looks like minivannews is mostly commented by gangster type minded people. i feel ashamed as a maldivian as foreigners will get such a bad idea of the people of the maldives. this has been on going with regard to articles on minivannews. very different from comments on other news websites.

  16. Alhugandu 2008 ga vote dhinee Anni ah ehen namaves e vote gelluvaalee, dhen 2013 ga vote dheynee Vote ah kamey hithaa beyfulhakah


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