100 housing units built in Gaza with Maldivian aid

The International Federation of Red Crescent (IFRC) has completed 100 housing units in Gaza with the US$1.9 million raised by the Maldivian media.

According to a video report by the Qatari red crescent, Palestinian families took up residence at 27 housing units at the ‘Maldives sheltering centre’ completed in February while the remaining 73 shelters are now also occupied.

Each unit has a bedroom, kitchen and toilet. Water and electricity services have also been provided at the centre.

The housing units were built with funds raised through the ‘Help Gaza’ telethon carried out by local media in response to the destruction caused by last year’s Israeli military offensive.

The telethon raised a record MVR29.4 million (US$1.91 million), which was handed over to the Qatari red crescent in August last year.

The red crescent also used donations from the Maldives to repair water and sewerage systems and provide supplies to health centres.

The 100 units, estimated to provide housing for 700 Palestinians, are built in areas where Israeli airstrikes destroyed housing, schools, and other infrastructure during the heavy raids in mid-2014.