Former Mayor appointed Special Envoy on Infrastructure Development

President Mohamed Nasheed has appointed ‘Sarangu’ Adam Manik as Special Envoy of the President on Infrastructure Development, following Manik’s resignation as Mayor of Male’ City Council yesterday.

Manik told Haveeru yesterday that he had decided to resign because of “pressures from within the council”.

“Some of the council members had personal expectations which made it difficult for me to perform my duties,” he said.

A no-confidence motion against Manik put forward by council members last week was revoked, after it was withdrawn by Councillor Mohamed Falah.


2 thoughts on “Former Mayor appointed Special Envoy on Infrastructure Development”

  1. Mr Manik, the quality of a good mayor is to work with job pressures and manage such pressures accordingly. If you cry and resign then I guess that means you are not suitable for any kind of such responsible jobs. Its a shame that the presdient put you back in a high rank job again. I don't think physically you qualify and deserve your new post. There are many maldivians who can do your job and who deserves it. Unfortunately they are not a friend of the president and hence you got the job. This is the democracy which Anni brought to us. I don't see any difference between his democracy and Qayyooms one then. They are both misusing the power to give high profile jobs to non deserving people like you.

  2. Adam Manik,why resign from your job at the drop of a hat? you were a promising mayor,why did you give up so soon?


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