28 senior citizens under state care

Some 28 elderly persons are under state care at the centre for persons with special needs in Kaafu Guraidhoo, attorney general Mohamed Anil revealed last week.

Speaking at a ceremony on Thursday night, Anil said the 28 senior citizens were in reasonably good health, but their families are refusing to take them in despite repeated pleas.

“The government is telling their families repeatedly to take them back to live with their families, but they are not complying,” he was quoted as saying by Haveeru.

Anil is also in charge of the ministry of law and gender.

He added that the government is seeking legal remedies through the courts as the family law states that children must take care of their elderly parents.

While citizens above the age of 65 are currently 4.8 percent of the population, Anil said the figure will rise to 6.5 percent in 10 years.

In 30 years, the elderly will be 13 percent of the population.