3G services must be available to all islands next year, says CAM

The Communication Authority of Maldives (CAM) has said that that all inhabited islands in the Maldives must have access to 3G internet services.

While universal coverage was previously optional for the country’s two telecommunications providers – Dhiraagu and Ooredoo – the regulator has said that new policies make 3G mandatory in all 196 inhabited islands.

Source: Haveeru; Sun Online


3 thoughts on “3G services must be available to all islands next year, says CAM”

  1. And elsewhere in the Maldives, no fresh water, no healthcare, poor education and limited power supplies. But don't worry you'll soon be able to use 3G to talk about it.


  2. @DMF stop whining. It's not a one or the other problem. telcom infrastructure is privately owned business. basic infrastructure is government.

  3. HeroWeNeed on Fri, 26th Dec 2014 6:56 AM

    Stating out the facts isn't whining, but if you would care to read the article you will note it is a government body CAM enforcing the requirement for 3G on Private business.

    No wonder you a suffering in society when idiots believe 3G is more important that clean water.


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