51 year-old arrested for allegedly molesting nine year-old

A 51 year-old man has been arrested for allegedly molesting a nine year old girl in Addu Atoll, reports Sun online.

Sun reported that police told the paper that the man will be summoned to court to extend his detention.

The paper also reported that the man was unknown to the girl’s family.


4 thoughts on “51 year-old arrested for allegedly molesting nine year-old”

  1. No no no. This is going against the beloved religion!

    Why,the poor man was only following the 'sunnah' of the beloved ...

    We have no right to deny him his path to heaven.

  2. Pervert, most probably some religious scholar . Sadly this man would soon be released near young kids again. Name and shame the pervert so parents can keep their young away from this monster. Why are these stories never followed through ? you never hear what happens to them after.

  3. agree with 'unknown', what happens to these people? Once tried as guilty they should be named.
    What happened about the Male' teacher who was allegedly abusing the kids-more than 2 months since his arrest, why no story about him? Surely the public have a right to know?

  4. So whey this guy does it, it is the worst crime on earth, but when Muhammad (PBUH) married a 9 year old at 52years, it was a divine right?

    How come?


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