Abandoned infant girl found in Hulhumale

A newborn baby was found abandoned near the Wataniya telecommunications tower in Hulhumale’ on Thursday afternoon.

According to police, the baby girl was taken to Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) and her condition has since improved.

The umbilical cord had reportedly not been severed when she was discovered by members of the public.

Police urge anyone with information about the girl to contact either 119 or the duty officer at 9888999.


8 thoughts on “Abandoned infant girl found in Hulhumale”

  1. This action so inhuman that I don't know what to say. Anyway it won't be difficult for the police to find who is her mother.
    And she must be taken to justice.

  2. @Mohamed: bring the mother to justice? I am sorry, you do know how human sexual reproduction works, right?

    now i am a liberal, and i don't have any qualms with people having children out of wedlock but abandoning a newborn infant is an unforgivable crime and all those who are involved should be brought to justice.

    this is the sad state of our country and still, there are factions who express rage over contraception advertising.

  3. We need to look at this seriously.

    Why do things like this happen? Bearing in mind the history, a couple was banished for having condoms. Then it was said that using any form of contraceptives is against the law. We need to look at social problems from a different view.

    Within or out of wedlock, why is the baby left there?
    a) Parents do not want the baby. Do not have the means to look after.
    b) Out of shame, and to avoid repercussion (if out of wedlock)

    So how can we address this? Practically. Apart from full Sharia, which can handle all, but for some reasons we cannot have in practice.

    How did the other countries do it? Should we 'try' new methods, like the 2 feet concrete raft on lily-magu? Can we atleast have a look at how others handle this situation and learn from them, instead of executing some uneducated idiot's whimsical idea?

    This is a horrendous crime. But by being an ostrich, and hiding doesnt make is go away. This happens. Believe it. Sometimes the baby is found or not. At times they are found, they are in a plastic bag in a garbage bin or flushed in toilets or buried.

    Believe it. People will have sex, married and unmarried. And when those who do not want to have kids, gets pregnant, they do all they can to abort it.

    How can we control it.
    a) Reduce sex drive. Mutilate sex organs which help curbing the drive. Was done until recently.
    Girls were 'circumsized' to achieve this, until very recently.
    b) Introduce marriage from a younger age. This used to happen until recently. 14y and can be married. But, this is now child abuse and for good reasons too. The kids are not ready for adult life yet. This leads to breakups of marriages, domestic violence and women getting hurt, they are not prepared/ready for fatherhood. Different set of social problems arise.
    c) Have more awareness programs for parenthood, a lot of clean communications. Messages.
    d) Having doctors perform abortions here in Male'. This is not a very good idea, but if it helps, to reduce the heinous crimes like these?
    e) Have a system that when the baby is born, it can be handed over for adoption.
    f) Full scale Sharia law. In which case the nation must execute chopping hands, beheadings, floggings, stonings etc. This will curb crimes, but we will face a lot of pressure internationally.

    But I guess first the political parties turmoil has to be resolved before any thoughts can be concentrated on these issues. So lets sort the political differences first.

    I fear that the current politicians are just to selfish. I will certainly not vote again for the same MP again.

  4. I hope that Ahmed up over there has realized that his 'solutions' are like a chainsaw on a mildly sprained ankle.

    Controlling sex is impossible.

  5. Apologies guys,

    No, I was not advocating the options a) & b) &f)

    I meant that a) &b) used to happen until very recently and one of their arguments was to curb sex drive etc...

    My argument is to study the social problems in full as they are, before deciding a workable solution. I would bank towards c) then e) then d)

  6. Simple solution: Islamic character education or moral education should be introduced in schools.

    In Islam there are three main values, namely morality, courtesy, and exemplary. Virtue refers to the duties and responsibilities in addition to Islamic Shariah and teachings in general. While the term adab refers to the attitudes associated with good behavior.

    And exemplary character refers to the qualities displayed by a good Muslim who followed the example of Prophet Muhammad PBUH. These values become the third pillar of character education in Islam.

    As a business which is identical with the religious teachings, character education in Islam is unique and different with the character education in the Western world. These differences include emphasis on the principles of the eternal religion, rules and laws in strengthening the morality, nuanced understanding of truth, rejection of moral autonomy as a goal of moral education, and emphasis on the afterlife as a motivational reward immoral behavior. The core of these differences is the existence of divine revelation as the source and the signs of character education in Islam.


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