ACC fowards Nexbis case to Prosecutor General

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has forwarded corruption cases against Former Controller Ilyas Hussain Ibrahim and Director General of Finance Ministry, Saamee Ageel to the Prosecutor General’s Office (PG) .

The ACC alleged the pair had abused their authority for undue financial gain in giving the US$39 million Border Control System project to Malaysia’s Nexbis Limited.

The border control agreement was signed on November 17, 2010. However the upgrade stalled earlier this year when the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) expressed concerns about the deal, claiming that there were “opportunities for corruption” during the bidding process.


2 thoughts on “ACC fowards Nexbis case to Prosecutor General”

  1. This wont fly. Remove the article and consider this a non-event.

    Corruption is not tolerated and will never happen in Maldives now.

  2. I thought there will be a BIG story but the ACC report never mention about any corruption? These all days they spread some people interest I think now ACC must investigate their internal audit and clean their names.


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