Addu City Court magistrates go on strike

A majority of magistrates in Addu City have gone on strike claiming they fear for their personal safety, reports local media.

All courts in the Addu City administrative districts of Feydhoo, Hulhudhoo, and Meedhoo have only one magistrate, and are currently not functioning as a result of the strike. A Hithadhoo Court Magistrate – one of four – also failed to appear yesterday (May 29), resulting in all the cases he was presiding over to be cancelled.

The Judicial Service Commission (JSC) had not received any reports of a magistrates’ strike and told local media “all the courts in Addu are functioning properly”.

The magistrates went on strike due to alleged threats to their personal safety and property and some claim to have been harassed and abused.

The magistrates will continue the strike until “satisfactory actions were taken by the authorities”, some magistrates told Haveeru on condition of anonymity.

“We cannot work in such a tense environment, without any protection. Authorities should ensure our personal safety first. We will officially inform the JSC today,” a magistrate said.

Some court magistrates have sought police assistance on multiple occasions, but thus far they claim it has been ineffective.

“[Police assistance] is not happening in the most effective manner. We met with the police this week and discussed these matters,” a magistrate said.

Police have received reports of threats to Addu City court magistrates and will provide security upon request, Commander of the police’s southern division, Abdulla Riyaz, told local media.