Adhaalath calls for investigation of nude art exhibition

The Adhaalath Party has called on the authorities to investigate and prosecute the Maldivians responsible for a video filmed at the national art gallery depicting Austrian models with body paint.

The video was filmed in March by Austrian company WB Productions as part of an installation art project on violence against women.

The video also shows some models posing with a dead octopus on the beach while others posed topless with body paint and coir rope.


In a statement released yesterday, the religious conservative party condemned the MNCCI for inviting “people who work across the world to spread sinful [behaviour],” calling the incident “an atrocity” committed with the intention of turning Maldivians against Islam.

The Austrian team was invited by the vice-president of the Maldivian National Chamber of Commerce and Industries (MNCCI) Ismail Asif as part of his fourth annual exhibition on women and children’s rights.