Adhaalath Party opt out of presidential race for sake of “national stability”

The Adhaalath Party (AP) will not be nominating a presidential candidate in the upcoming elections for the sake of “national stability”, the party president was quoted as saying in local media.

AP President Sheikh Imran Adbulla claimed that if the party were to declare a candidate for the presidential elections it could throw the country’s political situation into turmoil, local media reported.

“We have decided not to put forth a candidate and form a coalition. Our hope is not to form a coalition with just one party, but a coalition made with many parties,” Imran was quoted as saying in local newspaper Haveeru.

Imran said that the party’s committee will have to submit a report in two months in regard to the coalition arrangement.


3 thoughts on “Adhaalath Party opt out of presidential race for sake of “national stability””

  1. Adhaalath Party : Hypocritical Bastards, hellbent on reducing the whole of Maldives to their pathetic lifestyle.

    Good luck Maldives. If you ever want to see daylight again, go to another country, with your kids. Atleast give the chance to your kids, to grown up in a hate-free, guilt-free, calm environment.


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