Adhaalath urges Maldivians to provide assistance for Japan

The Adhaalath Party has called on all the Maldivians to provide assistance to Japan quake victims.

The Party said on its website that it was fully participating in the mourning for the Japanese dead, now thought to be over 18,000.

Many different community programs to raise funds for the quake victims in Japan were held in Male’ last weekend.


4 thoughts on “Adhaalath urges Maldivians to provide assistance for Japan”

  1. Well done adhaalath. But I wish you do the same for so many people here in Maldives who are also in various forms of need. We still have fellow Maldivians affected from the asaian Tsunami, living in desperate poor conditions without a house. Why can't we all collect money to build them a home in their own islands or in another island? We should think of the home too while going beyond the borders.

  2. Why after calling the Haiti disaster wrath of god for non god fearing people, now this smells of hypocrisy


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