Airport renamed ‘Ibrahim Nasir International Airport’

The Male’ International Airport was renamed ‘Ibrahim Nasir International Airport’ on Independence Day, July 26 in honour of the former President who secured independence from the British.

The airport at Hulhule’ was built through a communal effort led by Nasir, who is widely credited with modernising the country and launching the tourism industry.

Under Nasir, Maldives became the first small state to join the United Nations at a time when the country’s population was below 80,000.

Nasir also introduced English-medium curriculum in schools, introduced radio and television broadcasting and mechanised fishing vessels.


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  1. The decision to join UN and approval was already made by British at the time. Ofcourse the British had already promised a state for the Jew, and UN vote was critical. and voila ... what do you think huh. lol


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