Alliance Française to host free World Music Day concert in Male’ this evening

Alliance Française Maldives (AFM) will be celebrating World Music Day this evening with a free concert bringing together French and Maldivian artists for three hours of live performances at Male’ City Hall on Majeedhee Magu.

Starting from 9:00pm tonight, organisers at AFM have promised the public a mixture of musical styles ranging from rock and jazz to more traditional boduberu.

Alliance Française is an NGO based in Male’ since 2009, teaching the French language and giving an insight into French culture, and promoting cultural diversity.

The NGO teaches French in public and private schools, in resorts, and conducts evening French classes for adults in the National Library.


One thought on “Alliance Française to host free World Music Day concert in Male’ this evening”

  1. Any attempt at teaching Dhivehistanis culture or a bit of civilization will be seen as an attempt by Christian missionaries to spread Jesus' message and force alcohol down Dhivehistani throats.

    What has the French to offer us anyway? Frog legs, snails, rotten cheese, haram wines and indecent films? Revolutionary ideas? Existentialist philosophy? Romance and homosexuality? A language that tries to sound like Arabic? Niqab bans and Mohammad cartoons? Non, non. Our Arab masters have more culture (bodybaggin women and mutilating body parts) and a better language (Allah spoke it) to offer us. You infidel Faranjees destroyed the Ottoman Empire by inspiring them to adopt secular laws and legalise sodomy. Can't let that happen again.


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