Anti-Corruption Commission releases annual report: state owed RF 91 million

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has revealed that the state is owed Rf91million based on the cases it has forwarded to the office of the Prosecutor General (PG).

In its yearly report the ACC revealed that only one of twenty-six cases sent to the PG’s office last year had been settled in court.

The ACC President Hassan Luthufy said that most cases received by the commission had been ‘petty corruption’ cases and would be put aside in order to focus on more serious allegations of graft such as that of government institutions, the People’s Majlis in particular.

“For the year 2012 we’re gearing more towards investigating serious corruption cases rather than such petty cases. I think it would give out an effective message to those who are inclined to commit serious acts of corruption,” Luthufy said.