Association warns public against spear-fishing at public swimming area

The Swimming Association of Maldives has warned individuals against using the pubic swimming track in Male’ for spear-fishing.

In a statement released today, the association stated that it had received complaints that members of the public have been using the area for spear fishing and other related activities.  It argued that activities such as these had resulted in some people in the area swimming around with sharp metal rods and other dangerous objects.

“As this concerns the safety of many leisure swimmers who use the track during night and day, as a precautionary action, we call on all those who use the area to be more responsible and to refrain from such activities,” the Swimming Association of the Maldives stated.

In addition to the general public, the swimming track is often used for training courses by the Swimming Association of the Maldives, and other private clubs and societies.


2 thoughts on “Association warns public against spear-fishing at public swimming area”

  1. Ofcours, it cannot be a pleasant thing when a swimmer all of a sudden see a spear pointing; but when a bunch of thieves can rob us of our rights, when the judiciary does as it likes and when the parliament does as it pleases, it is not possible to see why the poor spear fisher has no right to do as he/she pleases too!


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