Attorney General rules that Nazim’s dismissal as LGA chair was valid

The attorney general has said that recently dismissed defence minister Colonel (retired) Mohamed Nazim had breached regulations with regards to a no-confidence motion lodged against him by the board of the Local Government Association (LGA).

Mohamed Anil has noted that the agenda of any meetings can only be changed with two days’ notice, and that this was not done when Nazim removed the no-confidence vote from the agenda of a January 15 meeting.

Five of the LGA’s nine board members subsequently refused to end the meeting, writing to Anil for advice before voting on the motion and deciding to remove Nazim from his position. His opponents had accused him of failing to protect the country’s decentralisation system.

Nazim was later reported as saying that the vote was invalid, while the Majlis national security committee last week recommended the dismissal of the interim chair Shujau Hussain.

Following his dismissal in relation to dangerous weapons charges last week, Nazim has been replaced as the president’s representative on the LGA board by home minister Umar Naseer.

Naseer is currently out of the country – receiving his Masters degree from the University of Hull, leaving tourism minister Ahmed Adeeb as acting home minister.

Source: Haveeru


2 thoughts on “Attorney General rules that Nazim’s dismissal as LGA chair was valid”

  1. Minivan and Nasheed will consider Nazim as a "Hero of the nation " But this vary people called him a traitor before.

    The fact of matter is that he is still a very energetic and capable person even then and now.

    He is a good leader and has shown capacity to lead people and have got the right calibre to do lead people.

    I am sure he will come back and will be a leader of the nation one day.

  2. Two days since Hero's emphatic declaration ordering MDP to embrace Nazim - and no dice. Looks like Hero doesn't have as much as control of MDP as he likes to brag about!


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