Attorney General Shakoor in London for CMAG meeting

Attorney General (AG) Azima Shakoor is representing the government during the latest round of Commonwelath Ministerial Action Group (CMAG) talks being held today, local media has reported.

Speaking to Haveeru, the AG said that she had travelled to the UK following an invitation to attend the event. She added that the Commonwealth’s special envoy to the Maldives, Sir Donald McKinnon would also be in attendance.

CMAG has previously called for early elections and an investigation into the transfer of power on Februray 7 and will give a press conference immediately after the meeting’s conclusion today.

Minivan News was unable to contact AG Shakoor or Special Advisor to the President Dr Hassan Saeed at the time of press.

Dr Saeed is reported as having claimed in local press that the Commonwealth would hold off from further calls for early elections until the Committee for National Inquiry (CNI) had completed its investigation.

The CNI committee, assigned to look into the events of the presidential changeover by President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan, is due to publish its results by the end of May.

The party of former President Mohamed Nasheed has nonetheless refused to work with the CNI, arguing it lacks impartiality.

International groups, including the Commonwealth, have strongly urged that the committee to feature an international element but progress on this front has been slow.