Audit Office’s state budget increased by MVR 14 million

The Audit Office’s state budget has been increased by MVR 14 million, following approval by Parliament’s Public Finance Committee.

This year the Audit Office was approved a budget of MVR 57.8 million by the committee, as opposed to last year’s budget of MVR 44.5 million.

According to a member of the committee, the budget of MVR 57.8 million, as proposed by the Audit Office, was passed after thorough assessment by the Sub-Committee, and due to the importance of the work carried out by the Audit Office.

Auditor General Niyaz Ibrahim said that the budget had to be increased to facilitate the recruitment of 43 additional employees to the office.

From the MVR 57.8 million, MVR 54 million has been assigned as recurrent expenditure and MVR3.8 million as capital expenditure.


One thought on “Audit Office’s state budget increased by MVR 14 million”

  1. This is crazy Government finance policies.

    But hey its almost coming to yearend all govt financial people, the un-used budget will be taken, so let's shop,shop shop shop till you drop.

    Wish list, buy all the equipment that you crave for.

    If a person from a private compay knows how the govt offices function, you will be surprised how wasteful these govt offices really are.


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