Australia to allow online tourist visas for Maldivians

The Australian government will allow Maldivian nationals to apply for tourist visas online from July 1.

In a statement, the Australian High Commission in Colombo said the new system would not require Maldivians to have a visa label placed in their passport.

“A notification is sent to the client providing details of the visa and airlines are able to confirm the visa entitlements through the Advanced Passenger Processing System,” the High Commission said.

“Clients can also, if they wish, print a copy of their visa approval notification email to carry with them whilst traveling to Australia.”

For more information and to access the lodgement gateway, go to


4 thoughts on “Australia to allow online tourist visas for Maldivians”

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    This happens quite a lot with Minivan News. The link given usually does not work.

  2. Finally awesomeness has appeared onto us... about time maldives was shown a bit of respect from Australia instead of categorising us with the indians, maldivians students generally dont cause trouble overseas.

  3. If only the poor folk in the Maldives had the money to spend like that.


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