Bangladeshi waiter stabbed while delivering food

A Bangladeshi waiter was stabbed with a knife on the island of Hinnavaru in Lhaviyani Atoll whilst delivering food, local media reports.

A council member from Hinnavaru told local media that the victim had worked at “Ibiza” restaurant on the island, and was stabbed while delivering food to a house.

The councillor said that the Bangladeshi man was stabbed in the stomach, and is currently being treated in the island medical centre. His condition is not serious, the councillor said.

Police told local media that a 17-year-old had been taken into custody in relation to the attack.


2 thoughts on “Bangladeshi waiter stabbed while delivering food”

  1. nice going maldives after rape now stabbing.this country dont have law and order cant expect more frm here.recently one doctors belonging along with laptop n phone were stolen from dhall atol.its his 2nd theft.neither police nor local or minitry tried to help.
    I am feeling very releaved after imgining this will b my last year here in this country.Will never recommend this place for work to any of mu friends.

  2. this shows that Maldives is going to face lots of problem from the global nations. Every day in maldives, we can hear atleast a problem which is created against foriegner. there is no way of escaping from the global communities if they can't reduce the crime rate against foreigner, expats. Maldives going to be a big threat to other nations, if they continues to restricting the civilians through religion-ism, idealism, and other .......... stuffs. For a democratic country it is the basic thing. Punishment for the crime is not severe here, But in the case of political game it is damn severe, as we saw in the last year happenings for the president Nasheed, and that is the main reason he is hiding himself in Indian embassy. No security for a Ex.President in a country clearly shows in how pathetic situation the country is.


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