Bank of Maldives issues email scam warning to customers

Bank of Maldives (BML) has urged customers to avoid sending personal details such as bank card or account numbers via email after issuing a warning about fake messages being sent in the company’s name.

BML has said it received information of a phishing scam where fraudulent emails under the company’s name were being sent from the address ‘[email protected]’ asking clients to verify their accounts online.

“We assure that the mentioned email is not related to Bank of Maldives in any way and would like to inform all customers not to respond to such emails,” the company stated.

“If your confidential information is obtained in any such manner, this information can then be used fraudulently, as such we remind all customers of the importance of ensuring the security and confidentiality of your accounts, card information and access codes”, BML added.

The company stated that it would never request customers disclose confidential information about their accounts via email or SMS.  BML said that customers should only enter their account data after accessing the company’s official website by typing ‘’ into their browser.