Bill proposed to block privatisation of pre-schools

Galolhu South MP Ahmed Mahloof of the government-aligned Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) submitted a bill to parliament last week to transfer responsibility for providing pre-school service in Male’ from the city council to the Education Ministry.

Mahloof proposed amending the pre-school law to prevent the privatisation of ward schools and pre-schools in Male’ and ensure that the existing establishments are not run for profit and that education is provided as a government service.

The amendment bill was proposed after Male’ City Council (MCC) privatised the Ameer Ahmed School in the capital. However, plans to privatise the Maafanu School were scrapped following complaints from parents over high fees.


2 thoughts on “Bill proposed to block privatisation of pre-schools”

  1. these city council only objective is to rob and rob . The entire body consist of robbers .

  2. If the government would provide a cheap alternative, parents wouldn't have reason to complain. If you believe a private school offers a better service and you're prepared to pay for it, you should have that option. If you feel it's not worth the money or if it's too expensive, you go for the "affordable" government schools.

    It's not that hard to think of this is it? Makes you wonder how long people think before submitting these kind of bills.


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