Broadcasting Commission appeals against disrespectful use of photos of state officials

The Broadcasting Commission of Maldives has urged local television stations not to use photos of state officials “in a way that undermines their dignity.”

In a circular sent to all broadcasters, the commission noted that following complaints regarding the disrespectful use of photos it had already taken action against media outlets for violating the broadcasting code of practice formulated under article 37 of the Broadcasting Act.

“However, the commission has once again started to receive complaints of some channels broadcasting the photos of the heads of various institutions in ways that undermines their dignity,” the circular stated.

The complaints reportedly referred to government-aligned private broadcaster DhiTV and its sister network DhiFM Plus showing photos of three members of the Elections Commission – Fuwad Thowfeek, Ahmed Fayaz and Ali Mohamed Manik – upside down with a caption alleging that they committed electoral fraud in the annulled September 7 presidential election.

Following an investigation, the commission reportedly decided to advise the Broadcasting Maldives Pvt Ltd, which operates DhiTV, and the Maldives Media Company Pvt Ltd, which runs DhiFM, to make sure the photos are not broadcasted in the future.


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  1. What are these narcissists on? When dignity has to be decreed rather than earned, democracy and free speech are tenuous to say the least.


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