Buried ancient relics found in Utheemu

Buried ancient relics have been discovered on the island of Utheemu in Haa Alif atoll, reports newspaper Haveeru.

Utheemu Island Council Chair Asrar Adam told the local daily that the relics were discovered while the island’s football stadium was being flattened.

The relics included three pots and a number of cowries shells, which were used as currency in antiquity, Adam said, adding that glassware was also found inside the pots.

The items would be handed over to the heritage department, he said.

The relics were discovered about 250-feet from the palace of Boduthakurufaanu, a former sultan and national hero who hailed from Utheemu.

While there has been no dwellings in the football grounds area in living memory, Asrar said the council has learned that it might have been inhabited in the past.