Cabinet to reclaim 10 islands for tourism development in Male’ atoll

Cabinet has decided to reclaim and develop 10 islands in various lagoons in Male’ atoll, in an effort to cater to interest from investors and developers for tourist facilities near Male.

“Cabinet members also noted that the opportunities available to reclaim and develop islands using environmentally friendly technologies,” the President’s office observed in a statement.

The 10 islands consist of 5-10 hectares each in Male’ atoll, although the final size and shape of the islands will be left to investors.


2 thoughts on “Cabinet to reclaim 10 islands for tourism development in Male’ atoll”

  1. What happened to promoting regional development ?? Isn't this going to cause more over-crowding in the capital island/s ??

  2. If the government wants to raise money, then they can approach Parliament and get their endorsement to sell a 10 hectare uninhabited island on an international auction. An international auction can attract very reasonable price in the range of US$ 1,000,000,000. Presently, a resort development would is costing over US$ 100 million. Hence it would be attractive option in the real estate market for the very exclusive people.
    This would help to balance the current deficient, continue paying the wages for the independent commission members, parliament members and civil service.
    It is not attractive to develop a resort on a reclaimed island. if this is case, then Gulhifalhu and Hulhumale would have been developed.


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