Canadian Muslims build Arctic’s first minaret

Canadian Muslims have built the Arctic’s first minaret in Inuvik last month, traveling 4,000 kilometers over land and water to erect the structure which will serve a growing Muslim population in Canada’s far north.

AFP reported that the locally-built minaret has four levels and stands 10 metre off the ground.

“It’s really beautiful when we turn on the lights in the dark,” Amier Suliman, a mosque committee member, told AFP on Wednesday.

Only finishing touches, including applying a second coat of paint inside, and hooking up bathroom plumbing, remain before the mosque’s grand opening next week.

“Some will say it’s a new frontier for Islam,” Suliman told AFP. “But for me what is significant is that Muslims here who once prayed on Fridays at a local Catholic church or in a trailer now have a proper place to worship, with a proper minaret. Now we have a home to worship in our own hometown. That’s the most important for me.”

The facility will also double as a Muslim community center.


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  1. Muslims prayed their Friday prayers at a local catholic church!! Now isn't that amazing.. Would Muslims have ever done that for Catholics? I wonder. Take a lesson, dear Muslims, learn what tolerance, kindness, acceptance, support, and real love is about!!


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