Cat virus spreading in Malé

The Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture has warned that feline penleukopenia, a viral disease, is spreading amongst cats in the capital Malé.

The ministry explained in a press statement last week that veterinarians had found about 20 cats with the virus and warned that it could spread across the capital.

Among the symptoms include vomiting, diarrhoea, extreme dehydration, and weakness. Cats affected with the contagious disease die within two to 14 days.

The virus spreads from feces, germs in the fur, and bodily fluids. The virus could also spread six weeks after the cat is cured.

The virus mostly affects cats aged two to five months.

The ministry stressed that the virus does not affect humans and advised prompt treatment for pets exhibiting symptoms.

The ministry urged pet owners to call 3339263 and 3339212 if they suspect their cat has caught the virus.


2 thoughts on “Cat virus spreading in Malé”

  1. Cats are good companions and not naajis.. unlike dogs which seem everywhere in Male how ever in human form among MDP member.

  2. Hey Kashim, rain check on those dogs Shaheem wanted to assault silly ol' Anni with?

    Looks like the Netherlands chickened out of selling you guys what you want, eh?


    Rest in peace, cats. This hellhole is a cruel place for you - a land without compassion, kindness or love. Instead of being the punching bags of some drugged-up punk, a quick death is better for you. I will remember you all. Farewell.


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