CBI search for missing Malayali teacher, husband, and Sri Lankan national ongoing

The search for a Malayali teacher who went missing from the Maldives seven years ago, and her husband who left their home in Hyderabad some time after, is being continued, reports the Sri Lankan paper Daily Mirror.

Cheruvathoor Anitha Nair, 37, of Kalladipetta at Ongallur and C. Ramachandran of Kannadi village, had been living in Hyderabad since 1991 along with their son, Vineeth Nair.

Ms. Anitha left her Hyderabad home for a job at Inguraidhoo School in Raa Inguraidhoo, Maldives, in January 2003. In October 2003, she returned to Hyderabad for a month’s leave. After seeing her off for the Maldives at Thiruvananthapuram airport in December, Ms. Anitha’s family has not heard from her.

Passport records show Ms. Anitha arriving in the Maldives, but departing for Sri Lanka the next day. Ms. Anitha is said to have left the Maldives with one Sreerangan, a Sri Lankan receptionist from the hotel at which Ms. Anitha allegedly stayed.

Sources say Sreerangan returned to Sri Lanka in 2004, reports the Daily Mirror. But the Chennai special branch of the Central Bureau of Investigations (CBI) has not been able to trace Sreerangan. Anitha is said to have returned to Chennai in 2004.