Chair and deputy chair of parliament’s economic committee elected

Parliament’s economic committee has elected Nilandhoo constituency MP Abdulla Khaleel as its chair and Meedhoo constituency MP Ahmed ‘Sun’ Siyam as its deputy chair at a committee meeting held on Wednesday (July 2).

Maamigili constituency MP – leader of Jumhooree Party – Gasim Ibrahim and Hithadhoo Uthuru constituency MP Mohamed Aslam were also nominated for the post of chair but lost by 1 vote and 3 votes, respectively.

In addition to these four members, the committee also included Galolhu Uthuru constituency MP Eva Abdulla, Thinadhoo Uthuru constituency MP Saudhulla Hilmy, Guraidhoo constituency MP Hussain Manik Dhon Manik, Central Fuvahmulah constituency MP Ali Fazaadh, Kin’bidhoo constituency MP Abdulla Riyaz, Maduhvari constituency MP Mohamed Ameeth, and Laamu Gan constituency Fayyaz Ismail.