China gifts medical equipment worth MVR500,000

The Chinese embassy has provided medical equipment worth MVR500,000 (US$32,425) to the Hithadhoo regional hospital in Addu City and a US$20,000 grant to the health ministry.

Deputy Head of the Chinese Embassy Lu Kang handed over the equipment to Acting Health Minister Mohamed Nazim at a ceremony this morning at Nasandhuraa Palace Hotel.

The equipment included an incubator, oxygen concentrator, cardiac monitor, ventilator, and infusion warmer.

In his remarks at the ceremony, Nazim said the Chinese government’s assistance would help the government’s efforts to upgrade the regional hospital to tertiary level.


One thought on “China gifts medical equipment worth MVR500,000”

  1. Chinese Gv. is much better than Indian . Indian gov, always try to bully the country .

    We will never forget Indian Gov demand to pay off 100Million within 3 days and one courage maldivian businessman help the Gov. to pay it back to India to save this country.


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