Chinese hospital ship visits Maldives on ‘Mission Harmony’ tour

The Chinese government’s hospital ship, ‘Peace Ark’, is visiting the Maldives as part of its eight nation ‘Mission Harmony’ tour.

The vessel is the world’s largest dedicated hospital ship with 300 beds and eight operating theatres.

Doctors from the ship will work on eight islands across the country in addition to Male, including Guraidhoo, Rasdhoo (Alif Alif Atoll), Mahibadhoo (Alif Dhaalu), Kulhudhuffushi (Haa Dhaalu ), Fuvahmulah (Gnaviyani Atoll), Eydhafushi (Baa Atoll) Villingili (Gaafu Alifu Atoll) and Addu City in the south.

The vessel’s medical team will also conduct training of local health care workers, as well as attend local orphanages and nursing homes.

Indian media have reacted warily to the presence of the vessel, noting that this was the first Chinese interest in the Maldivian healthcare sector that has been dominated by India.

Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH), the troubled state-owned hospital in Male, was donated to the Maldives by the Indian government.

“The Maldives National Defence Force stated that China’s ‘Peace Ark’ will provide better medical facilities than IGMH. Ironically, it will be at IGMH that the Chinese Army’s medical staff will be treating patients,” reported the Indian Express.


5 thoughts on “Chinese hospital ship visits Maldives on ‘Mission Harmony’ tour”

  1. With terms like "peace" "ark" and "mission" in their names, are you sure this isn't a front for Christian missionaries? Dhivehistani customs should check whether they have stocks of Bibles and crucifixes on board to donate to recuperating patients. One never knows. This ship smacks too much of a metaphor for Jesus walking upon the waters and healing the sick. Mullahs, give us your holy opinion on this matter. Last time your blessed fatwa saved us from those Jewish draculas pretending to be optometrists.

  2. average Maldivian are not agains any religion or any ethinic group ?

    People who are trying to create hate among people are people like Fili Nasheed and use the religion as bait ?

  3. @Kuribee

    Imran and his followers keep on tarnishing and talking so bad about other religions and countries.

    Shall i send you a video link to see how they talk rubbish about jews and christians?

    Freedom of speech doesnt mean to confuse the poor public with fake, and sheer lies.

  4. Sub Haaan Allah! Kuribs is a secularist! Burn it at the stake! Villagers, out with your torches and prongs! We have a deviant secularist amongst us!

  5. today The Chinese hospital ship
    leave ...very nice i see at maldives at morning time


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