Construction of flats for teachers cost MVR62 million: Education Ministry

The Ministry of Education has revealed that MVR62 million was spent on the construction of a ten-storey apartment complex for teachers.

Speaking at a press conference held on Tuesday, Deputy Minister Ibrahim Ismail stated that MVR 36 million out of the Educational Fund of the ministry, as well as a loan of MVR26 million from the Maldives Islamic Bank has been spent on the building.

The ten-storey apartment complex consists of 18 single-room apartments and 62 two-room apartments.

Seventy-five flats are reserved for those who serve as teachers or education development officers. The other five flats are reserved to provide accommodation for visiting educational experts brought in by the Ministry of Education.

Application forms to rent the flats can be submitted from February 16 to March 13. The rent for a single-room apartment is MVR4000, and for a two-room apartment is MVR6000.