Copenhagen a call for third-world reparations: New American

Copenhagen had little to do with climate change and everything to do with money, writes Ed Hiserodt in the New American.

Last December, as even every cloistered monk and Third World inhabitant probably knows, there was an International Conference on Climate Change in Copenhagen, attended by government functionaries from around the world. The pampered delegates, who evidently weren’t worried about their own carbon footprints, caused a Scandinavia-wide shortage of black stretch limousines.

The conference actually had very little to do with climate change, ignoring almost out-of-hand the prominent news at the time: the Climategate scandal — the release of the e-mails indicating top global-warming scientists were skewing temperature data and engaged in a smear campaign against climate-change skeptics.

But the conference had much to do with money. So-called Third World countries demanded reparations for damage done to their satrapies by CO2 emissions from industrial nations, totally ignoring the fact that but for those nations said delegates would be sleeping in huts instead of five-star hotels. Certainly there was little room for science or the consequences of turning the economies of the world on their heads through instituting carbon-emission limits.

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    Dr. Mörner gave special attention to the Maldives, where there are quite accurate records going back 1,600 years. Between 1600 and 1700, sea level was 50 cm (20 inches) above present levels, dropping sharply to 12 cm below that until about 1800. There was a rise again of some 30 cm, followed by a 20 mm fall in the early 1970s to present levels. Even though the President of the Maldives posed in knee-deep water and the Cabinet performed duties in SCUBA gear to dramatize the need for reparations from industrialized nations, there has been no sea-level rise in the Maldives in 30 years."
    And everybody knows it including Mohamed Nasheed!
    Thanks for linking to this ED HISERODT article.


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