Court commences trial of arson attack on Addu police stations and court

The Criminal Court has today commenced the trial of a number of suspects accused of vandalising Police Stations and a court building in Addu Atoll on February 8 following the controversial transfer of power, local media has reported.

According to newspaper ‘Haveeru’, charges were pressed against Abdulla Azheen, Mohamed Jabeen, Abdulla Ali, Hussein Ali, Malik Ahmed, Ahmed Hussein, Abdulla Shahid and Shiham Habeed.  Mohamed Nagis, Ahmed Shujau, Mohamed Zuhair, Mohamed Hassan, Hussein Riyaz, Hassan Naseer, Hussein Azraf, Ibrahim Nafiu, Ali Ahmed, Ibrahim Asad, Mohamed Shamoon, Ali Shimam and Aishath Ibrahim also stand accused of the charges.

The paper reported that all the suspects were charged with terrorism.