Criminal Court issues three year jail sentence for cannabis use

A young man has been sentenced to three years in prison for using cannabis, reports local media.

The 19 year-old Male’ resident was arrested in April 2013 in Male’s Mahchangolhi ward on suspicion of having used drugs.

The young man confessed in court that he was on drugs at the time of his arrest, which was confirmed by drug tests conducted during the investigation that were positive for cannabis, the Criminal Court said during sentencing.


2 thoughts on “Criminal Court issues three year jail sentence for cannabis use”

  1. Abu Dawud's Sunan Book 41, Number 5022:
    Narrated Tikhfat al-Ghifari:
    Ya'ish ibn Tikhfat al-Ghifari said: My father was one of the people in the Suffah.
    The Apostle of Allah (pbuh) said: Come with us to the house of Aisha. So we went and he said: Give us food, Aisha. She brought hashishah and we ate...

    LOL! Forget the long history of hashish use by Muslims and the infamous Hashashin (Assasins), Dhivehistanis have a long history of drug use. From the drunken Diyoge Kulhi tantric rituals to the Sufi mystical trances, from afihun (opium) smoking Sultans to alcoholic toddy imbibing peasants, Dhivehistanis were fond of mind-altering substances. I guess Moslems need something to numb the misery of their existence and take them into a world of heavenly virgins, flying donkeys and angelic voices.

  2. Ganja needs to be de-criminalized to over power the hard drugs market


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