Customs sets new import export duty rate of Rf14.10 to the dollar

The Maldives Customs Service has increased the import export duty rate to Rf14.10 to the dollar, starting from May.

Principal Collector of Customs, Mohamed Aswan, said the rate was in fluctuation and would be revised every month, in collaboration with the Maldives Monetary Authority (MMA).

The government recently floated the rufiya within a 20 percent band of the pegged rate of Rf 12.85.


2 thoughts on “Customs sets new import export duty rate of Rf14.10 to the dollar”

  1. Businesses have taken advantage and increased prices of products days after the dollar rate was introduced at same time customs was using the usual 12.85 rate, which we do appreciate.
    What do you think the prices would be next week when the new customs dollar rate takes effect? Its nothing to do with the government, its the business community that is ripping off its own people in broad day light.

  2. Real.. what kind of idiot are you... for any business in order to survive they will be forced to increase the prices they have to bear to make a next order or supply the same..
    it has everything to do with the actions of the government and the customs..
    this is the consequences of such baseless actions brought overnight by a government who have not at all considered the impact of such measures..
    we see it on the roads on a daily basis these days..
    please dont talk about things you do not know of


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