Dead infant found in Malé lagoon

A dead male infant stuffed into a can was discovered by divers in the Malé lagoon yesterday.

Police said the baby is believed to have been born prematurely at six months and was buried last night.

Two divers reportedly came across the milk can in the lagoon on the western side of the capital, near the Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital, and alerted police around 3:30pm.

A report titled Maldives Operational Review for the ICPD Beyond 2014′ released by the department of national planning suggested that incidents of infanticide and unsafe abortions are symptoms of a lack of sexual education in young Maldivians.

The report identified, “clear indicators of the imperative need to provide access to information on sexual reproductive health and reproductive health services to the sexually active adolescents and youth population.”

Several cases of infanticide were reported in the media in recent years, including several new born babies and prematurely born infants abandoned in parks, buried in secluded places, or thrown into the sea.