Decoding Nasheed: The Hindu

“Eight months after the political upheaval in the Maldives that saw Mohammed Nasheed resign as President, fresh turmoil there has belied hopes that the nation would slowly settle down. Mr. Nasheed, who alleged after resigning that he was ousted in a coup, has been arrested for defying a court order,” writes an anonymous author in The Hindu today.

“Charged with detaining a judge unlawfully on January 16 while he was still in power, and ordered by the court to remain in Male for the period of the trial, the former President opted to break free of his ‘island arrest’, going off to the southern islands in the archipelago to attend political rallies.

He believes that the charges are politically motivated, designed to convict and make him ineligible to contest elections. If that is correct, he is now responsible for handing the courts a far simpler way to achieve the same objective, by convicting him on a possible charge of contempt.

Evidently, Mr. Nasheed thinks brinkmanship serves better his political objectives, especially after the Commission of National Inquiry — constituted to go into political events from January 14 to February 8 — destroyed some of his political planning by concluding there had been no coup in the Maldives.

It said the change of President was legal and constitutional, and that what happened was a ‘reaction’ to Mr. Nasheed’s own actions as President. Though he has refused to accept the conclusions of the report, he can hardly accuse the Commission of bias.

It was at his bidding that its mandate was rewritten; additionally, a Maldivian member of his choice, plus an international co-chair and two other international observers, were added to it.”

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3 thoughts on “Decoding Nasheed: The Hindu”

  1. This is what people are looking for. A turmoil, a scandal, an upheaval, a defiance, a ranting back lash, etc. anything that would entertain them, to be chatted over coffee with a group of useless drug-dopers, men with nothing else to do, men seeking baseless conflicts etc, business men seeking advantage over chaos.

    Nasheed for the president. NAsheed for the president.

    When is becomes the president, the tables turn. Then it would be the turn to bring him down again.

    Fall, fall, fall,

  2. The indian government must realize that it's repeated meddling in our internal affairs to further promote their slave trafficking operations is an act of war, and that there will be consequences of such actions.

    Have they learned nothing from the Mumbai massacre?

  3. I truly believed India and HINDU believed democracy and journalism! But now, I am a 100% sure I was wrong!

    Democracy and journalism are being sold dirty cheap without dignity or pride!

    Now I would rather think India and HINDU have a finger in this what is being brought about!

    President Nasheed and Maldives have a common goal to achieve.

    Bring about a system of good governance to serve his people and be served justice!

    President Nasheed could be a young politician starting to lay bricks! But the one thing I can be sure of him is that he is not a coward afraid to face justice and truth. He will never scrounge our money.

    HINDU, to my belief what President Nasheed is striving for is to bring about a system of good governance and serve justice to his peoples!

    As a patriot of my country, Maldives, my comment is that as a media HINDU should have done better!


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