Democracy must continue; “no return to autocratic rule”: UK High Commissioner

UK High Commissioner to the Maldives and Sri Lanka, John Rankin, has emphasised that democracy must continue in the Maldives, “and [there must be] no return to the autocratic rule that has been in existance prior to 2008.”

In his regular “Ask the High Commissioner” interview, Rankin said the UK had called on “all parties to exercise good faith to try to find a way throgugh the current problems and consensus for the way forward.”

“The UK recongises states, not governments,” he explained. “We made it very clear that it was for the government of the Maldives to establish democratic legitimacy both with its own people and the international community.”

Rankin said the UK backed the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group (CMAG)’s call for early elections, and for agreement as to the constitutional changes required for that to happen.

“We have also joined calls for an independent inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the transfer of power,” Rankin said.

“We called for calm in the country and for demonstrations to be peaceful, and for the police to exercise maximum restraint.”


One thought on “Democracy must continue; “no return to autocratic rule”: UK High Commissioner”

  1. While I thank the UK government for their support, I also have to say that the International community in general haven't met the expectations of the people of Maldives in assisting the people continue with their freedom and democracy.


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