Dictatorial Majlis hindering progress in Maldives: Mariya Didi

Previously it was a dictatorial executive but now it is a dictatorial Majlis which is hindering progress in Maldives, said Maldives Democratic Party (MDP) chairperson and MP Mariya Ahmed Didi speaking at a ceremony to mark the fifth anniversary of the MDP.

The opposition parties which campaigned for a presidential system are trying to rule the country like a parliamentary democracy, Mariya Didi said, referring to opposition DRP’s Majlis bills which aim to limit the policy options of the government. The MDP sees these bills as an encroachment by the Majlis into the mandate of the executive branch of government, she said.

Members of independent commissions usually work with government agencies, and the president usually names the members of such commissions in almost all countries with a presidential system, Mariya Didi said, but because the opposition DRP controls the Majlis, it has decided that the Majlis would recruit the members of independent commissions.


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