Dismissed principal to sue education ministry

The former principal of Aminiya School has said she will sue the education ministry for unfair dismissal.

Athiya Naseer was sacked on Monday without warning after the education ministry deemed her a threat to the school. Her dismissal sparked outrage with dozens of teachers signing a petition demanding an explanation from the ministry.

Speaking to Haveeru today, Athiya said she was “shocked” by the dismissal and said: ““Honestly, I have no idea what the issue is.”

Aathiyaa said in her four years as the principal, the only “damages” she had caused were increasing the number of students who passed tenth grade exams and improving the students’ discipline and the school’s reputation.

Several teachers have alleged the move was politically motivated as Athiya is the wife of former opposition MP Ahmed Abdulla.

Parents of students attending Aminiya school have also criticised the education ministry’s decision. Some students told Haveeru they saw Athiya more as a friend than a principal.

The education ministry has declined to comment on the issue.