DJA and JSC continues formation of Drugs Court

The Department of Judicial Administration (DJA) has requested President Office to provide an office complex to establish the Drug Court, while the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) continues the work of appointing court judges.

DJA Director Ahmed Majid told Minivan News today that DJA is responsible for all the “administrative and financial responsibilities of the Judiciary” and therefore continuing the work to establish the Drug Court’s office and staff.

“We have sent a letter to the President’s Office yesterday requesting them to provide a building to establish the court. We are looking to employ around 30 administrators as well”, Majid said.

Meanwhile, JSC Spokesperson Zaheen Hassan said that the commission members decided yesterday to solicit five judges – which is minimum number of Judges required to be appointed, according to article 39 of Drug Act which came into effect on December 31.

However, he noted that the law allows JSC to increase the number of judges on the bench. “We will open applications for judges very soon,” he added.

The Criminal and Juvenile Courts have meanwhile suspended all drug cases while they await the formation of a Drugs Court over the next 60 days as stipulated. Article 33(b) states that the courts should not hear or accept drug-related cases during that period.

After that two month period, the Criminal and Juvenile Court have 30 days to transfer those cases determined to fall under the jurisdiction of the Drugs Court.