Doctors licensing examination cancelled after no show

The first licensing examination for doctors to be held in the Maldives has been cancelled after no doctors participated.

Speaking to local media, Maldives Medical Council President Dr Abdulla Afeef said that doctors chose not to participate in the examination after raising questions as to why only certain doctors were required to sit the test.

Haveeru reported that the examination was required for doctors who were given temporary licenses after 2013, saying that there were 15 Maldivian doctors fitting the criteria.

“The doctors in question were aware of the fact they were being given a temporary license to practice,” Haveeru reported Dr Afeef as saying. “The doctors will have two more chances to take the exam in June and December. If they do not participate their licenses will be cancelled.”

The Medical Council has previously said that the examination will consist of 150 multiple choice questions.

Source: Haveeru