Dr Bari rejoins Adhaalath Party

Former Islamic minister Dr Abdul Majeed Abdul Bari has rejoined the Adhaalath Party.

According to local media, Bari signed for Adhaalath Party on Monday, but the religious scholar has not publicly spoken about the move.

Bari served as Islamic minister under former President Mohamed Nasheed. He left the Adhaalath Party in June 2013 and signed for the main opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) ahead of the presidential election in November 2013.

Following the imprisonment of former President Nasheed in March, the Adhaalath Party formed an alliance with the MDP and launched anti-government protests under the ‘Maldivians against tyranny’ banner.

The Adhaalath Party leader, Sheikh Imran Abdulla, remains meanwhile under police custody. He was charged with terrorism and accused of inciting violence at a mass protest on May 1.

Bari has also been active in the opposition alliance.