Drowning victims widely honored by Male residents

Thousands have paid their respects to the victims of yesterday’s drowning incident, and hundreds attended the funeral for the five deceased, held at Male’ Islamic Center last evening.

Four grade-nine students Nash-ath Saeed, Mariyam Naza, Aishath Saniha, Mariyam Shaiha and Hiriya Principal Ali Nazim drowned yesterday during a Fisheries Science trip to Kaafu atoll Huraa. Nazim had rescued four students from the water before being drowned with the other four victims, Haveeru reports.

Relatives who attended the funeral said that the students were not asked whether they knew how to swim, and blamed the school management. No life jackets were taken on the trip, one source claimed, although this was unverified.

Police were criticized yesterday by Huraa council Deputy President, Easa Ahmed for their inefficient response to the incident. Police and MNDF forces had allegedly been notified by the Huraa council immediately following the incident, Haveeru reports.

Nearby resort Four Seasons Maldives Kuda Huraa told Minivan News that it had sent a rescue boat upon learning of the incident. At 12:00pm yesterday, the resort held a moment of silence in remembrance of the Hiriya School principle and students.

A Wataniya event that had been scheduled for yesterday at Four Seasons was cancelled after President Mohamed Nasheed asked that respect be paid to the victims.

The President made personal calls to families of the victims yesterday, and requested that the national flag be flown at half-mast for three days from yesterday.


3 thoughts on “Drowning victims widely honored by Male residents”

  1. I blame the parents to a degree for sending the kids on a trip that clearly and regularly failed safety procedures on a regular basis. These drowning cases happen every 5 years, no lessons are EVER learnt.
    No one is EVER held accountable for these failures. No safety precautions , no lifeguards present nor a safety education is used on these trips.(What brings out is the large number of people who has a morbid fascination with the dead, who crawl over each other to catch a glimpse of the dead and subsequently posting dead photos on social network sites and texts)<–How very normal and divine behavior from the 100% muslim community !
    This recent tragedy is of course a sad day for the victims as it was for every other victim of these drowning trips (which happens every 5 years.)
    Parents in Maldives are known to easily and conveniently forget the cause of tragedies.
    For instance this is just like the stupid parents that still send their beloved , precious kids to the convicted sex offender locally known as "Naseem Sir" for tuition classes. When would the penny drop I wonder ??
    Also about the principal, its truly sad and a huge loss for his young family BUT I have to say…though great he saved 3 girls, he could have avoided this whole thing and saved the lot of them IF he had done his job and made sure there was a clear , precise and coherent safety procedure and a preparation for these eventuality. He could have made sure that given the fact that there was going to be 30 odd students swimming that there was at least enough teachers who was swimming with them , rather then take a bunch of slow moving Srilankan or Indian teachers who by nature shy away from water( check out what they do on rainy days, they hate water on their hair)
    Wonder why common sense is not so common??

  2. @unknown person
    'rather then take a bunch of slow moving Srilankan or Indian teachers who by nature shy away from water( check out what they do on rainy days, they hate water on their hair)'.
    Did your mother drop you on your head when you were a baby you ignorant retard? Show some respect for the Srilankans and Indians who take the trouble to teach in your country.

  3. trouble to teach !! they come here to retire. Think you are the retard , my dim witted man, why don't you leave your mothers apron strings behind and travel the world, see what actual teachers do!!!


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