DRP camp and Thasmeen’s house attacked, claims party

The main opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) has released a press statement claiming the party’s main rally site and leader Ahmed Thasmeen Ali’s house was vandalised on Tuesday night.

According to the statement the DRP camp was ransacked, while the gate of Thasmeen’s house was damaged by the attackers. It did not state the extent of damage.

The DRP claimed the party’s gatherings had been disrupted and leaflets circulated threatening a “suicide attack” if the it held any gathering in Male’.

The DRP said the party’s leader and members would “not be demoralised” by the “cowardly acts to threaten the party”, and would continue to campaign to win the 2013 presidential elections.

The attacks have been reported to the police, according to the statement.