DRP rejects possibility of PPM coalition and “hereditary rule”

The Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) has said it will never form a coalition with the Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM), DRP Leader MP Ahmed Thasmeen Ali told local media.

“PPM left because they couldn’t continue with us. So there are no grounds to form a coalition now is there?” another local media outlet reported Thasmeen as staying.

“Hereditary rule, we cannot support that. So we cannot form a coalition with PPM,” Thasmeen said.

Furthermore, the coalition DRP forms will be subject to who they field as a presidential candidate, Thasmeen explained.

Gayoom formed PPM in 2011 after resigning from the DRP, following a dispute with Thasmeen and the party’s ejection of Umar Naseer.


4 thoughts on “DRP rejects possibility of PPM coalition and “hereditary rule””

  1. DRP had also rejected the possibility of MDP coalition also? Why Minivan was not interested in that part of the story .

    DRP rejected the possibility of MDP coalition on the ground of dictatorial policies of Nasheed and they have mentioned if there is any other leader from MDP, then doors are open for possible coalition with MDP.

    Anything against Nasheed will not be heard here in Minivan and Rajja TV since they both are propaganda machine of Nasheed.

  2. Yes anyone who says anything against Nasheed is a nut even if a person tell the truth?

    Yes in this respect, I am nut? You are idiot ?

    Go and check what DRP had said and you will see clearly that DRP had rejected to form any coalition with MDP as long as Nasheed is the leader .

    I know people like you will not have any tolerance to digest anything against Fili Nasheed.

  3. Where is the bloody monolith rock and the signature banyan tree in Kurinbee?? People like Kurinbee will good enough to make a coalition of the " hirigaa" and " ranikagas"... That will be a coalition between a hard thing and a rock!! Go fly a kite Kurinbee!!!


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